Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Snow on My Mind

Okay, admittedly, I'm short on time. Gotta funeral/family reunion to oversee packing for, times seven. (Papa Rooster is an experienced business traveller and does a fine job on his own.)

But ya gotta see these pictures taken by one of Blondechick's debate club friends--in his BACK YARD. (What would you give for a back yard like that?)

Some of these shots remind me a lot of Lantern Waste, in Narnia!

Thanks, Brett, for sharing your pics!

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Michelle said...

WOW!! Those are incredible pictures!!! We haven't had ANY snow yet this winter and my kids are getting desperate!!! We may have to take a trip up to the NC mountains before winter's over if it doesn't snow soon :-)!!! Thanks for sharing the link!!!