Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Family Facts For Fun

Papa Rooster started his new job today. He gets a real office, not a cubicle!

Blondechick 13
is on the phone at the moment with four boys (friends from debate and theater on their way home from a skiing day trip) who are handing a cell phone around so they can all talk to her. Yeah, that pretty much about sums it up. Dad may have to invest in a shotgun yet.

Bantam 15 needs a new library card because his old one is "damaged." Guess that's what happens when you take your library card with you everywhere in a zip-lock bag with your other most precious possessions. He rides his bike to the library at least once a week, picking up books or CD's he's reserved or requested from interlibrary loan. The librarians often tell me how much they enjoy talking to him.

Bitty Bantam
is turning one tomorrow! We'll celebrate on Sunday, though, when his brother turns 7.

Chicklet 3
does not understand why it cannot be her birthday too.

I wrote a great post on Saturday, while Blondechick and Bantam 10 were at play practice (you wondered when I squeeze this in!). I thought it was all ready to go for Bitty Bantam's birthday tomorrow. Unbeknownst to me, Blogger was having a bad day on Saturday (I found out later) and I just discovered that it is G-O-N-E gone. (Anyone else lose anything on Saturday?)

But here were the real bright spots in my day:

In a lesson on quotation marks today, Bantam 10 was asked, impatiently, by me, "Come on, what does this mean, when it says that they always come in a pair?" "It means," he said with a puppy dog grin, "not in an apple!" (It's not the first time he's been cheeky.)

Be sure and click on this next link, just to help you imagine this one. Bantam 6.95 was inspired today to choreograph interpretive movements to the "Overture" from Jesus Christ Superstar. He practiced and then performed it for Bantam 10, who, with an amazed "You've got to see this," called the rest of the family together for immediate viewing. The sequence included an alien descending upon earth in his spaceship with a poison in hand...a Civil War army charging in to fight the aliens...Titans doing a mad attacking dance...the villagers run (in place) from the Titans, passing a baby among themselves like a football...Dracula (with eyes rolling up into his head) plays the big organ.."the godly man" (his own phrases) worships in church to the strains of the title theme, spies demons out the window, strokes the Bible, and falls to his knees in prayer.

(Friends from church: It was scary how much this performance reminded us of our senior pastor's alter ego Leroy Rhythm, once known for his intensely serious, comical, interpretive dance.)

What gave Bantam 6.95 this idea? We have NO CLUE.

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Michelle said...

All great pix!! Thanks for sharing!! I especially like the one of your daughters...Blondes DO look great in pink!!