Monday, February 27, 2006

God's the Dude

This morning I reminded the kids that this week Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, and they were talking about how they like getting the cross on their forehead. "I don't like thinking that someday I'll be dust, though," Material Girl Blondechick 13 said.

I explained that it's important for us to realize how small we are and how short our lives on earth are, and how big and eternal God is.

"I get it!" Bantam 10.75 said, "It's like, we're the ants, and God is the dude!"

This morning we each made a list of our sins and bad habits. We'll keep adding to it until tomorrow night, when we'll burn our lists in the fireplace. I wrote Bantam 7's list for him, with Bantam 10.75 helpfully jogging his memory with things he was putting on his own list. They seemed relieved to confess that they sometimes sneak candy or intentionally make their little sister cry or lie about Lego claims (after multiple trades, ownership gets fuzzy).

Besides giving up sugar as a family fast, we talked about changes we could make during Lent that might help us break bad patterns and make better choices. The three older boys agreed that since Legos often distract them from their chores or from going to bed when sent, they will put them away for Lent. Blondechick plans to listen to more worship music and go to bed earlier so she can have a quiet time before lights out, which she will observe at the specified time.

I am planning to go to bed earlier, get up before the kids for my quiet time, and read to Bantams 7 and 10.75 every day before they start their other schoolwork. Also, I told them that I will do my chores when they are doing theirs, as much as possible, instead of using that as my computer time. Papa Rooster is making a number of dietary changes and committing himself to prayer and seeking God's balance between family, ministry and his demanding new job.

We agreed that during Lent, everyone will do their chores before breakfast (something they're always giving me grief about--they're always "too starving" to do chores first). After breakfast we'll do Morning Prayer together or at least the Daily Office Scripture readings for the day, even if we're getting off to a late start.

Tomorrow I'll help each one decide on a virtue or character trait they want to grow in, and we'll find a Scripture verse for them to memorize that will help them focus on that quality. I've already picked mine: love and patience. I'm re-memorizing the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians.

Lord have mercy upon us!

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