Saturday, February 18, 2006

Statistically on the Lunatic Fringe

According to this article, that's where I live. And so do you, if you have 7 or more in your family!

Even if there are only five in your family, you are in a group with less than 10% of all Americans. Apparently there is a societal trend toward having larger families again--"three is the new two."

The article is really about large families in the movies and the stereotypes--total chaos, food-throwing, etc.--they embrace and create. The author has five children herself and points out that typically the reality is a long way from the movies.

That's been my experience. The largest family we've ever hung around with (9 kids) made us long to be like them!

Anybody know a big family that's anything like the movies?

(HT--Hat Tip--to Ty W. for the link!)


owlhaven said...

Interesting article!! Glad to know my family is on the cusp of a trend!! (grin)

HolyMama! said...

we have 4 kids, and I don't know anyone who has more than we do. (Offline, that is!)

Mike the Geek said...

Hi! My wife and I only had our one daughter (no social statement - just the way things worked out for us) so I am glad others are taking up the slack where we failed. I worry about the future of a society that prefers self-gratification to children.