Thursday, March 16, 2006

This One's for Holy Mama

One of the cutest blogs out there has got to be Kelsey's at Holy Mama. I loved her byline the first time I opened up her site and I kept going back, especially after reading her amazing testimony. Not only that, but she was one of my first encouragers by her frequent comments!

When I first saw that byline, I knew that sometime I would just have to share this song with her. I'm not good at audio stuff, but I can Google for lyrics...and I've just been waiting for an opening to post these in her honor. After the subject came up in this post, I knew it was time! I love it how she's such a straight shooter about the important things, yet takes herself not seriously at all.

So Kelsey, this one's for you...though not from me, understand! You have to imagine a very cheesy romantic duet between a guy and a gal, with a score full of musical cliches.

Way Down Deep (You're Shallow)

Music and Lyrics by John Forster

Way down deep you're shallow,
Superficial to the core.
Beneath your surface
There's just more surface.
And beneath that--even more.
You've never had a deep thought
And I hope you never do.
You're all I need.
You're just my speed.
I'm even shallower than you.

You're not an iceberg--just a tip.
So you can't rip
The bottom off my ship.
I feel so safe when you are nearby
Because I know there's less
To you than meets the eye.

And though you're oh so shallow,
Truly dumb and kind of glazed,
Compared to me,
You're like some Ph. D.
I'm so shallow that I'm slightly raised,
Slightly raised.

[Instrumental break] ( The deeper you go, the less you will find.)

Way down deep we're shallow,
Hollow as an old guitar.
And considering that we're so empty,
It's amazing how full of it we are.

At heart, we're both so heartless,
Yet we've pledged our hearts forever more.
And we're sincere
Right down to our veneer.
Deep down we're shallow to the core.
Deep down we're shallow to the core.

(This pool has no deep end, no lifeguard is needed.
The island is lovely, but nobody lives there.)


owlhaven said...

Where di you find this??

Mary, mom to many

At A Hen's Pace said...

I confess, we own this album! It's rather obscure. It was a gift from a friend who thought it very funny--and it is--though a couple songs are not appropriate for kids.

HolyMama! said...

i love it!!! This is great! (feel like such a supah-star!)

Linsey said...

That is funny!!! I Love it!