Thursday, April 06, 2006

Misplaced Modesty

My smart, funny, scholarly brother (to distinguish him from my smart, funny, pilot brother) sent me this one. He says:

We saw a young woman about the age of Blondechick 13 wearing this t-shirt. The large text was easy enough to read from a distance, but to read the fine print required staring intently at her adolescent bustline. This of course completely thwarted the concept of "special modesty" and seemed to promote the opposite.

Can you call it a witness if ogling is built into the design? If they really wanted to be modest, wouldn't they put the message across the BACK?



Circle of Quiet said...

What were they thinking? Yikes. Maybe I don't want to know.


Anonymous said...

Young girls literally have no clue to this! I raise 2 girls and NOW, at 20 and 19, they GET IT. Thank the Lord!!! Elly

Anonymous said...

Er...I RAISED 2 girls!! oh bother. Have a great weekend! Elly

Anonymous said...

Wear it backwards.