Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This One's for Sparrow

Time for a confession: I am a bathroom reader, and my favorite bathroom reading material, ever since I was a little girl, has been Reader's Digest. For Christmas every year, my grandmother gives me another year's subscription. (Now my teenagers are starting to read Reader's Digest in the bathroom. A new generation is getting hooked!)

If you've never read Reader's Digest, then you may not know that they end each article with real-life jokes or funny stories. I confess that I delight in corralling my unwilling husband and forcing him to listen to these, and I am also guilty of remembering them uncannily well and retelling them at opportune moments.

So this is one I read a few months ago that has stuck with me for some reason. Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm, and one of my little-known and little-practiced skills is that I can drive a tractor--though it's been 20 years, I'm sure it would all come back. Or perhaps its because I'm beginning to feel my age a bit....

But when I saw Sparrow "relaxing and re-energizing" yesterday in these pictures (aren't they adorable?--both the lady AND the tractor?), I knew that this was a woman who undoubtedly would appreciate this gentleman's sentiments:

Here was a tempting offer in The Ithaca Journal: "Ford, 9N, $2,750. New tires and chains, trip bucket. Wife says tractor goes or she goes. Gave it a lot of thought. Good appearance, solid, great shape for the age. Works hard without complaining. Same can be said for tractor."


fannie said...

HA! I love Reader's Digest, too, and the past two issues are sitting on the back of the toilet. :-)

Lei said...

Lol... passing on the best of you, eh? ;)

sparrow said...


That is too funny! Come to my place and we can share tractor rides. :)

Thanks, mamma hen.