Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to Bantam 11


I can't believe you are 11! I can remember so clearly the days when you used to stand in your crib, just like your baby brother does now, and smile to see me coming to get you, your huge blue eyes lighting the room and my heart--as they still do.

Yes, you are way cool now, but your smile still brightens my day. Your humor cracks me up even when I'm trying to be stern. Your kind heart, that always remembers those who are sick and suffering and never forgets to intercede for them, is an example for me. Your generous nature and the loving way you interact with your younger brothers and sister is a joy. We've been over many hurdles in your education and have a few more to go (multiplication facts!), but it's becoming more and more of a pleasure to teach you; you have a bright, engaged and interested mind, and you're becoming more and more diligent in your studies and in helping out at home--what a blessing. And you love to read--yea!!

Your hair has always been your trademark, the thing people comment on. It's pretty shaggy for my taste right now--covers up those baby blues too much--but I'm glad you like it. (Everybody has their opinion about it, don't they?) Before that, you had the spiky look that was almost universally admired--or commented on at least. When you were a baby, as you know, it stuck straight up in the back, because of your double crown, and nursery workers always knew you as "the one with the hair."

Why am I talking about your hair? I guess it's because, to me, it's like a symbol of your personality--soft, a little quirky, always "cool."

I love you, son. Here's to a great year to come!


Lei said...

What a cutie! Sweet letter... happy b-day to him!!!

sparrow said...

Very handsome! Happy Birthday to your guy!

Islandsparrow said...

Blond hair - blue eyes - watch out!! Happy B-day to your boy!

HolyMama! said...

happy 11th!!
(looove the hair!!)

fannie said...

Oh my, watch out for that heart breaker! :-) Happy Birthday!

Ann V. said...

I had my first baby 10 days after your beautiful baby...we celebrate Cale's 11th on the 13th.

Isn't mothering a beautiful thing?

~warm smile~

Ann V.(HolyExperience)