Friday, May 19, 2006

Whitewash Boys

Tom has just tricked them all into whitewashing the fence for him, but they find satisfaction and gratification--"Gratifaction"--in a job well done.

That's Bantam 11 front and center. That "makeup" is real dirt!

Aren't these great words for boys to memorize?

You call this work?
Well, ain't that funny
We ain't doin' this for money
Heck, it's just a regular privilege
To be occupied
It's a source of pride
Anyone can swim and fish on a Saturday
Anyone can just lay down
Layin' in a hammock,
Layin' in the grass
Like a lazy, no-good hound
And you get that deep...down...inside...
Gratifyin' satisfac—
Well, I mean that deep...down...inside...
Oh, how good you feel
When your shoulder's to the wheel
 You don't need nothin' except ambition
Elbow grease for ammunition
And bang, what a righteous glow you get
From honest sweat,
It's a natural bet
Anyone who puts his
Nose to the grindstone
Is gonna get a great reward
Your eyes will see
The glory of
The coming of the Lord

1 comment:

Nettie said...

Do you think you can get him to sing them during his chores? :)