Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who's That With Papa Rooster?

It's Vice President Dick Cheney! And no, he's not Photoshopped in. That's an actual, unretouched photo. (I've been waiting weeks for it to arrive!)

Our friend Peter Roskam, who's running for Henry Hyde's seat in Congress, had a fundraiser a couple months ago. It was $250 a plate just to attend, and $2100 if you wanted your picture taken with the Veep. We decided we'd have to pass, though we're supporting Peter in every other way we can. He's a Christian leader of unquestioned ability and integrity, highly respected on both sides of the aisle in our state Senate. He's the kind of man who not only listens to the Lord but will be able to follow Him effectively in a place like D.C. (If you can't vote for him, please pray for him!)

Then Peter called and asked Papa R. (who is an Anglican priest) if he could attend and give the opening prayer! Papa R. (or should I call him "Father"?) was delighted, you can imagine--and while he was there, he was given the photo op as well.

So what does one pray at a function like this? One does plan ahead. Here's the prayer Father Rooster wrote (and delivered from the heart):

Almighty God, upon whose shoulders the government rests and apart from whom no authority is given, we give you thanks for the Godly heritage of our country, for the goodness of its constitutional commitments and the legacy which has been preserved through many faithful legislators and government leaders. We especially thank you tonight for the wisdom and blessing that has been granted us through Congressman Hyde, and our current President Bush and Vice President Cheney during these days of terror and war. We ask continued blessing and favor upon them. Likewise, Father, we ask for wisdom, favor, prosperity, strength and protection for our Republican congressional candidate, Peter Roskam. May he walk as those who’ve gone before: with faithfulness, shrewdness, integrity and success for the sake of this country’s tranquility, for the sake of this country’s virtue, for the cultivation of life in all of its dimensions. As Peter and Elizabeth and their children approach the campaign season of the general election, may they rest secure in your reign of peace, almighty Father, who reigns both now and always unto ages of ages. Amen.


Nettie said...

How fun! We actually had Dick Cheney drive past the end of our street a few weeks ago. Seems he was in town visiting a neighbor. I think every state trooper in our state was parked at every entrance to that road along his entire travel path back to the airport. They even had to rewrite the bussing plan for our schools for the day so as to not interfere with his journey. I couldn't live like that. Poor guy can never spontaneously go anywhere!

Lei said...

Beautiful prayer, beautiful words... thanks for sharing. :)

Circle of Quiet said...

What a great prayer!