Monday, June 19, 2006

Gone To Camp

My, it's quiet around here.

Blondechick 13 has gone to Christian theater camp. She'll be there 5 days.

I (and her brothers and sister) drove her and her friend there this morning. I had to go in with her to register, and since she needed help with her luggage, we all went in and helped get it up to her room (in a college dorm). Once we had met the third roommate and seen the bathroom, I purposely did not hover but implied that, unless she wanted our help for anything else, we would get on our way. It's her first overnight camp--but I could tell she was going to be just fine.

We drove around the pretty campus for a few minutes, and then went in search of a nearby forest preserve and campground I wanted to check out for a possible weekend sometime. I let Chicklet and the Bantams play awhile on the aged playground equipment there--they loved the long, slick, metal slide--while Bitty Bantam filled and refilled his shoes with sand. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch, where they pondered anew which two items to select from the value menu--and once again chose Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers and small Frosties. Across the parking lot we walked to Dollar General--the hands-down best dollar store, in my opinion--and selected sunglasses for the whole crew. We stopped at a riding stable, one we've passed for years without ever having had time to stop, to ask about trail rides; they no longer do them. On a whim, we stopped at the home of a friend of Bantam 11's (whose sister is gone for two weeks on a missions trip) and invited her home with us.

The two youngest and I took a nap; the older kids rode bikes and played outside. I served them all leftovers for dinner. Papa Rooster and I talked while Bitty Bantam and Chicklet 3 hung out with us being their darling, delightful, needy little selves until I put them to bed. I kissed Papa Rooster goodnight, and the boys disappeared to their basement lair when sent to bed.

I thought, my, it's quiet around here.

I called a friend to work out some camping schedule details. I checked my email and a website.

Then the phone rang. It was my daughter.

"It's so awesome here, Mom. It's just amazing. I made this new friend--well, lots of new friends..." and she was off, describing random moments and details from the day, interrupting each sentence with remarks to her roommates about snacks, the radio, the alarm, and their facial expressions.

"Well, I'm glad you're having so much fun.... Did you get a t-shirt that fits? ... Did you forget anything?"

"Yes, they did find me a Small; I was so relieved. ... Not that I can tell so far...Love you, Mom! I'll call you tomorrow night!"

It's been nice having the computer to myself this evening. It's been nice having a quiet house, with kids who've been sent to bed staying there. It's been nice thinking my own thoughts and connecting words together before my brain freezes with the lateness of the hour.

My, it's quiet around here.


RANDI said...

Enjoy the quietness!

Liquidoxology said...

Just be glad the quiet isn't permanent... That's unbearable.

Lyn said...

I am glad she is settling in well. I remember my first over night camp.....awe....summer camps.

Enjoy the quiet and the computer!