Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Yards and Yards About the Dresses..."

I keep forgetting to tell this.

When Chicklet 3 was asked what was her favorite part of the musical Tom Sawyer (which her big siblings were involved in--pictures below!), she replied, "Becky--she had a purple dress."

"Did you like the ferry boat? Did you see Caroline on the ferry boat? She was waving at you."


"Did you see Annie too?"

"Yes--she had a blue dress. Did Caroline have a blue dress too?"

Yes, she certainly did. Never mind the ferry boat, or the back flips or the handstands, or 6'4" Injun Joe or the "murder," or the cave or the graveyard or the Bat Dancers--Chicklet 3 was all about the dresses!

(She got to meet Injun Joe before the show, while I was doing his makeup--so he wasn't too scary.)

(Brownie points to anyone who can name the P.G. Wodehouse short story containing the line that is the title of this post.)

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