Saturday, July 22, 2006

Family the Numbers

I'm in Ohio, on the 500 acre farm where I grew up, with:

2 parents
1 grandmother
2 brothers
2 sisters-in-law
from 3 states
4 arrival times
1 absent husband
(sorely missed)
10 cousins
1 on the way
1 tire swing
3 rides (so far) on the Toro Twister
1 bent bumper
(so far)
2 pull out couches
2 air mattresses
2 pack'n'plays
5 staying elsewhere
6 days
18 meals
umpteen photo ops


kelli said...

Memories in the making! Have a great time!

Islandsparrow said...

Make sure you share those photos with us!! Aren't famiy renuions fun!
(and exhausting...)

Pamela said...

after my mom died those family get togethers did too.....

Life has gotten so busy. I miss those times

Stop for just one second, take a deep breath and say this moment is for Pamela! Thanks