Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gender Confusion

Chicklet 3 said to me:

"When I was a baby,
I was a boy,
Crawling, crawling,
Standing and standing."

Is it her first poem?

(Hmmmm—maybe I HAVE been reading to her enough!)

Later, she told me, “When I get bigger, I will be a boy.”

No, I told her, you will still be a girl, just like Mommy.

“Well, when I get bigger, I will be a boy, and then when I get more bigger, I will be a girl again.”

No, I said, with a big happy smile, you will always be a girl!

With her poutiest slit-eyed scowl, she replied, “NOOOooooo! I want to be a boy AND a girl!”


Anonymous said...

Funny, my daughter had the same issues at that age :)

Donna Boucher said...

It's a good thing you are to sensible to be worried about this :o)

My Katie saw a little 2 year old boy without his swim trunks on the other day. She said,
"I didn't like it."

Deborah said...

Good to hear my 3 year old isn't the only one who thinks he is the opposite sex occasionally :)
I loved your comments on my blog a bit back, on the Reformed Theology post. I did look at your archives and found those really neat posts about Holy Week at your church. I'll put a link to them on my blog soon -- thank you for sharing!
In fact, does your church have a website? If you don't want to post it publically, you can email me at
one beggar's bread at g mail dot com (no spaces of course, and the "real" email symbols).
Have a great week!
Oh, and I have seen you over on the AWESOME Choosing Home Blog!!