Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The On or Around July 4th Parade/Party

First we cancelled the party due to rain and an 80% chance of severe thunderstorms right about parade time. Admittedly, my newly-cleaned carpets were a big factor in that decision, not to mention that friends had just joined us at our campsite.

Then the sun come out, the forecast was revised, and we called everybody back about an hour before parade time. Most could still come, and we just ate afterwards instead of before.

Then we hurriedly cleaned up and made it back to our campground before the gates closed at dusk!

From L to R, that's Bantam 7, Bantam 15, a friend, then Bantam 11.
Further down, that's Blondechick 13 in the blue t-shirt and black skirt. The red shirt holding a bag and the striped shirt are sons of our friends who are camping with us.

And there's Chicklet 3 and her new soulmate, from the family that's camping with us. That's Soulmate's dad deep in conversation with Papa Rooster, and her mom joins them there in the last shot.

These are old and dear friends that we never get to see enough of--the hours fly by when we're together. Our friendship has even survived a period of living together under one roof, with 1 toddler and three dogs between us!


RANDI said...

We had a "heavy rain: forecast too but only saw a few sprinkles! I am glad you had a nice 4th!

Islandsparrow said...

Glad that it didn't rain on your parade! Hope you're having lots of fun camping!

HolyMama! said...

hellooooo? YOU? where are YOU?!

Oh, sorry that was ungrateful sounding, considering you gave us all those great pictures! (But you need to get in there, too!)

We did a parade too. We decorated strollers and bikes, and the subdivision kids/parents all paraded down the main street of our subdivision. Then it was hot and we went home. There was no candy, or need for bags at our little parade.

I love the 'little girls held by daddies' picture at the end.