Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fans... Hens!

The Headmistress is also a fan of Josephine Moffett Benton's 1961 book, The Pace of a Hen!

In her archives are a number of posts related to it. She's collected them here.

I've been planning on quoting a bit more (I've already done so here and here and here) from this book myself, especially now that we've started homeschooling again and I won't have as much time for original material. So at first I was worried that she'd stolen my thunder! But the interesting thing is: she chose many excellent quotes, and a few overlapped with the ones I've already quoted, but mostly she hadn't touched the sections I was planning on quoting. It's a rich little book, though it meanders in circles a bit.... (Appropriate, don't you think?)


Jennifer said...

Please, share more. I keep seriously meaning to order this book, but I don't. In the mean time I will enjoy your quotes.

Jenny in Ca

Ann V. said...

I too look forward to your quotes.
~warm smile~
Ann V.

Cool Mama said...

Hey there...just dropping in - was checking out blog by Kaz and she sent us to your site ! I went thru and read some of your other posts, but the one on MySpace was great! Gave me alot of good info, and stuff to think about. We have 5 kids - the older three are away now - but I'm wrestling with the computer issues with the younger two. I've got boundaries on them, but I really liked some of the ideas you shared! Way to go! Good post! Oh..and never heard of the book you mentioned...but I think I'll be checking it out!!