Saturday, September 30, 2006

The World's First-Ever...What?

Sometime this weekend, go visit the world's first-ever Anglican Carnival! Since I just joined a newly-forming Anglican blog ring, I was invited to participate, but if you're an orthodox Anglican blogger, don't wait for an invitation!

That was a joke, actually. Since I've started blogging, I've discovered that the Anglican presence on the web, among bloggers at least, is miniscule. Orthodox Anglican women bloggers seem to be a non-existent species. So I am excited about this blog ring and the new Carnival. Maybe a few other mommy bloggers will come out of the closet woodwork and confess to being Anglican in order to be part of it!


I guess my title hinted that I might explain, to my non-blogging readers, what a blogging carnival is. It's simply a collection of links to posts on various blogs, hosted by one blogger who organizes and annotates them. Bloggers submit a link to something they've posted on their own blog--it's not something extra they write for something else. There is usually a new host each week, with new links that have been submitted. There are carnivals on scrapbooking, cars, cats, ADD, homeschooling, Ohio politics--you name it. In fact, there's even a Carnival of Carnivals--the Ubercarnival!


maria said...

I've been wondering what a carnival is. Thanks!
(still a luddite at heart.) :)

Cool Mama said...

I've been wondering too, what a carnival I was SOooo excited that someone finally explained it to this 'blogging novice'!! Thanks! And I'll check it out. IN the mean time, trust you're having a great weekend! I'm off to church ( can you believe I'm so organized this week that I can be posting comments before church??) - ya gotta love organization! NOw Lord...if I can just stay this way...

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh, good!

I have a lot of non-blogging readers and I thought it would be helpful to spell it out for them, particularly.

Glad others found it useful info!