Sunday, October 15, 2006


No more winter, no more night
Turns the dark into the light
There will all be spring bells ringing
We'll all rejoice and sing
At the sound of his roar

Aslan, king of kings and savior
Who'd have thought there
Could be more in a name
With a shake of his mane
Makes it spring once again
For in Aslan we are saved.


Cool Mama said...

Wow! I am so amazed, impressed and inspired by your production! I'm seriously thinking I should have my youngest doing something like this - but alas...right away I think of all the time needed for practices etc. and I must admit my heart hits the floor! So many good things for the kids to do...and so little time eh?? BUT thank goodness she's in a Fine Arts school - so hopefully will get to enjoy some of the drama too! I think you are absolutely amazing !
Oh..and I just about dropped my jaw when I saw the pics of President Bush! I mean - WOW! What a honor eh??

Jennifer said...

Really wonderful photo!

Jenny in Ca