Monday, October 30, 2006

Things I Learned This Past Weekend

In list form, because...the weekend was too dang busy!

I learned that... teenagers finally consider themselves too old for the Fall Festival (games, dress-up, etc.) at church.
...I can look at a picture of Jack Sparrow and put my theater makeup skills to work with good results.
...the bridesmaid dress (complete with veiled hat) that I usually use for a costume has shrunk a little through the waistline.
...the closure at the back apparently broke the last time I wore it.
...the other formal dress I still have makes a good Arwen Evenstar costume--although I noticed that it also has shrunk at the waist.
...I look good in elf ears.
...some people don't even notice you have pointed ears till you've been talking to them for a few minutes. of the fellows that attended this friend's 40th birthday/costume party was my pilot brother's first roomate in college.
...they make Eeyore costumes that fit grown men.
...the right sunglasses plus Papa Rooster's black cassock make a great Neo costume. shouldn't wipe mascara off your four-year-old princess's eyes with a disenfectant wipe, even one that says "No bleach, no alcohol."
...I'm not the only idiot that's ever done this.
...the co-pay for ER visits on our new plan is a whopping $100.
...corneal abrasions heal amazingly fast--like 48 hours.


tonia said...

I'm grinning because of your clever post...but I should probably be saying "Oh no!" Hope the eyes are ok!

~those darn shrinking waists..

Jennifer said...

oh wow, I feel your pain about the ER visit, ouch. The Eeyore part made me smile, images of our gruff dentist with his eeyore ears on danced in my head. I'll have to tell him about the whole costume being available, who would have guessed?
I'm glad the eyes are healing fast, poor princess.

Jenny in Ca

RANDI said...

Too bad about the eyes--hope all is well with that!

--The pointy ear thing cracked me up!

Amy said...

Oh bother!

I'm glad the eyes are better. And it's nice when we don't have to feel alone in our own ignorance, isn't it!


Pete & Mary said...

Aww! I'm glad she wont' be any the worse for it. And that it's not the first time. Sounds like a good fall-fest this year. Fun costumes! Amazing what priest-garb can double for. It's been fun seeing what moms around here do with costumes to keep the kids happy ... and unfrozen. There are lots of oversized batman/superman/spiderman costumes stuffed full of thick layers of sweaters "muscles" underneath. The Princesses are harder to keep warm.


SummerNFL said...

Oh my gosh, I can't stop laughing!! This disinfectant wipe sounds like something that your pilot brother would do!!! I love it!