Wednesday, October 04, 2006

To Heaven and Kingdom Come

Another dress rehearsal down...and two performances tomorrow, for school kids and their teachers. Gotta leave here at 7:30 a.m., so pictures will have to wait!

While you're waiting, please check out Bantam 15's blog, To Heaven and Kingdom Come. Our delightfully different son has a distinctly unique blog! His personality and passions (bordering on obsessions?) really come through in his writing.

Leave him a comment and you'll make his day!

(If you're not on Blogger, you can still comment by logging in as Anonymous--just end your comment with an identifying name.

Same goes for here, if you've ever wondered. You don't have to sign up with Blogger or "get your own blog" if you ever got that message. Just go with Anonymous and identify yourself within your comment.)

So off you go now--to infinity...and beyond!

Er, wait a minute...

To Heaven and Kingdom Come!


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your blog, Jeanne! Thanks for explaining how I could comment anonymously. Never knew that.

Even though you must be exhausted from you CYT work, enjoy the moment and the memories.

The little Cramer family is gradually learning how to take care of their hungry baby. Thanks for your help.

Greg just finished speaking at the second AMIA pastor's conference and seems happy. Stewart's Sunday sermon on friendship made me think of how I value Eirik's role in Greg's life. He touches my husband in places I can't reach. THANKYOU! Martha Bunch

Cool Mama said...

Hey there...You know me, I always leave a I'll check out your son's blog too, and leave one there. My two girls are blogging two, and it's amazing how they check their blogs everyday to see if ANYONE has left comments! I think with our kids feel that what they have to say ( on their blogs) is listened to, and valued, when someone leaves a comment. I think they just like feeling 'someone is listening'...hmmmm...sounds just like 'us' (grownups) doesn't it?!! "Heaven and the Kingdom"... ( did I get that right?) ...well regardless...I'm off!

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment on Bantam15's site, but there was no place to do so. Just an edit-me place, and that was not for me--it was help for him. Pianomum

At A Hen's Pace said...


Yes, I know you tried last week. That reminded me to change it to accept Anonymous comments before I posted this entry. It's allowing comments now--thanks for bringing it to my attention.

He received many encouraging and thoughtful ones!