Sunday, November 26, 2006

After-Thanksgiving Thanksgivings

We're back!

I'm so thankful for... while traveling to my parents' home in Ohio and back. for my other relatives who also traveled there.
...a great visit with our family:
...Professor Brother and his wife and his three daughters--my kids' cousins.
...Air Force Uncle and his wife and their son and daughter, my cousins--who are close in age to my oldest kids and seemed to them like new-found cousins! (which they are: they are first cousins once removed.) Grandma, my kids' Great-Grandma, still going strong at 94 3/4. parents--for their health and energy and hospitality to us all. afternoon with my mother's twin cousins, their husbands and their brother.
...a new little girl "cousin" (my kids' second cousin) born in another state on the day after Thanksgiving.
...extended family who all know and serve the Lord.
...beautiful weather while we were there.
...a great yard and a full basement for the kids to play in.
...enough Airsoft guns to go around to keep even the teenagers healthfully and happily outdoors.
...a 5.7 mile run through the country enjoyed by Papa Rooster and his 3 older boys.
...a most tasty and more-than-adequate supply of eats and treats.
...Eirik's dad coming home from the hospital while we were gone.
...the news that his tumor was BENIGN, not cancerous, after all!
...a day of rest after our return.
...our own live-in priest (Papa Rooster) to lead us in a quiet communion service at home this morning.
...a fire crackling away in our fireplace. overflowing supply of seasoned firewood from the two trees we took down 1.5 years ago.
...strong boys eager to build muscle by splitting wood!

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Jennifer said...

glad you're back! Your visit sounds wonderful, can't wait to hear details. Lovely highlights! So glad to hear the good news about your father in law!!