Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Thanksgivings

This morning, I am thankful for....

The excellent health care we receive in this country:
Bantam 15's newly-installed braces.
His appointment today with a specialist about his hearing. (We're praying he doesn't need permanent tubes in his ears.)
My father-in-law getting that tumor removed.
For family relationships:
My wonderful father-in-law.
My fabulous mother-in-law.
Being able to say that--and really mean it!
The close relationship enjoyed by Papa Rooster and his brother (who lives in Chicago).
Them getting to spend the day together at the hospital. (I know...grammatically awkward!)
For creature comforts:
Eggnog instead of cream in my coffee this morning. (" 'Tis the season...")
My favorite cushy rubber-gripped insulated travel mug to keep that coffee HOT.
A desk in my bedroom, covered though it is with miscellaneous papers and books.
My laptop computer, and wireless internet.
This site, to start out a new day with an abbreviated Morning Prayer--and on good days, to visit several times a day for prayers and Scripture readings.
Just-washed windows here in my bedroom, letting in the most possible light from today's overcast sky.
Getting the windows washed in this room, at least.
The silhouettes of bare tree branches against a winter--yes, winter--sky.
The warm light of the lamp on my desk.
Cozy, crumpled flannel pajamas.
Fluffy blue slippers.
A quiet house when I started writing...
The happy noises of the two youngest who get on so companionably in the mornings.
Their eagerness to be let out of their room and get on with the day!


Jennifer said...


what a really peaceful, thankful, cozy post. Gave me a really good feeling.

thanks for sharing your thoughts,
Jenny in Ca

Anonymous said...

Eggnog!! It is one of the best things (for me) about this season! It's like a whole new coffee!

So glad for the news about Grandpa-Rooster's tumor.


Erna said...

A great list of things to be thankful for. :0)