Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sweet Scent Blog Awards

Christian Women Online ("Uniting Women of Faith") has been around only a short time, but they've done a lot to achieve that goal already. I've enjoyed participating in the "In Other Words..." discussions, and the "One Thousand Gifts" idea has filled the blogging world with the sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving this month. (I'm posting another list today or tomorrow!)

Visit their home page to see what else CWO offers, including a daily devotional from Elizabeth Elliot, "Daily Snippets" from the word, and monthly interviews and articles on everything from the holidays to homeschooling to "Large Family Logistics." (It's laundry this month!)

They've also initiated their first annual "Sweet Scent" blog awards--and you don't even have to be a blogger to nominate someone! Just email the name of the blog you wish to nominate to (You can only nominate blogs that are part of CWO's blogroll; for the complete blogroll and other details, click on the graphic above.)

But hurry! Nominations must be received by next Monday night at midnight (CST).

You can nominate one blog in each of these categories (you can repeat the same blog in more than one category, just so long as you submit one nomination per category):

Best Friend Award
Someone that you deem as friendly--reaching out to those around her.

Most Joyful Among Us Award
Illuminates joy through her posts. Has a "glass-half-full" attitude.

Best Home Maker Award
Exhibits above average homemaking skills, with a love for the work she does in her home.

The Better Half Award
Shows a reverent respect for her husband, and delights in her marriage.

Most Humorous Award
Has a knack for wit, and the ability to find humor in her everyday life.

Best Group Blog
Has the best team of bloggers who inspire us with their words

Best Mommy Award
A mommy who joys in the job of raising little ones for the Lord.

Best Home School Award
Makes homeschooling something to be desired.

Best Scrapbooker Award
Designs and exhibits beautiful scrapbooking lo's.

Artistic Blog Skin Award
Has a blog design that stands out as unique from the rest.

And, our most favored award will be:

The Unified Heart Award
One who strives to unify the body of Christ through love, encouragement, and an always open heart. She is unto God a sweet savor of Christ.

Okay, I'm off to nominate a few blogs!

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