Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Update on Grandpa Rooster

Well, Grandpa Rooster is still in the hospital. He's doing well, though. Still no official pathology report, but the initial one said that the tumor looked completely encapsulated, just as it had appeared on the MRI--great news! He's completely off his pain meds except for something pretty mild--Darvocet, I think? He's walking around and generally doing great, except for distension in the abdomen which they say is due to retention of fluid. So they started him on Lasix, a diuretic, today.

If you're praying...please pray that his kidneys will recover quickly and get to back to work normally now!

Of course Grandma would like to have him home for Thanksgiving, but if he is, it will be a low-key holiday for them. We'll be gone, visiting my family in Ohio.


In other health-related news, we just heard that the mom of a family in our theater organization, thinking she had a simple sinus infection, just found out that she probably has cancer of the sinuses--in the bones right next to the brain. They'll do a biopsy next week.

Would you join me in praying for this mom and their family? They have four children.

We are just in shock.

Lord, have mercy.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be in prayer.

I pray you have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.