Saturday, November 04, 2006

What Happens When Homeschooled Kids Grow Up

Check out this article on homeschoolers making the transition to college--and after. (HT--Spunky)

The "Homeschooling Grows Up" survey said that out of the more than 5,000 surveyed, 95 percent say they are glad they were homeschooled and 92 percent say having been homeschooled is an advantage to them as adults.

And according to "Homeschooling Grows Up," a research study on adults who were homeschooled, 74 percent of those who were homeschooled are currently homeschooling their own children.

You can view the survey results online. Other findings that interested me:

Over 74% of home-educated adults ages 18–24 have taken college-level courses, compared to 46% of the general United States population.

Seventy-one percent participate in an ongoing community service activity (e.g., coaching a sports team, volunteering at a school, or working with a church or neighborhood association), compared to 37% of U.S. adults of similar ages.

Only 4.2% of the homeschool graduates surveyed consider politics and government too complicated to understand, compared to 35% of U.S. adults.


purple_kangaroo said...

I'm a homeschool graduate, and I'm definitely glad I was homeschooled.

BTW, I found you through Amy's blog.

truevyne said...

Dear Hen,
I love to meet new bloggers. What an interesting life you lead. Narnia and the President all in your recent posts! My family waited all morning just to wave at the President as he rode by in his calvacade. It was so fun. I can imagine having him speak at your church is amazing.
I know many hs grads who are amazing young people. Glad Spunky is keeping up with outcomes...

Michelle said...

I liked your post,I am doing homeschool with my 8 year old,And I think shes is getting the best education,But on the other hand she isnt getting the interaction of kids,and she craves that,So instead of sending her to public school,Im going to let her get involved in church activitys,and hopefuly she will get what shes missing there.We are doing the abeka academy homeschool,Thanks for posting :)

Patti Hobbs said...

Thanks for posting the article. That's my family.