Thursday, December 07, 2006

Consolations...and Investigations

Found out a couple things about the kids' auditions.

Bantam11's little part as the Footman does include one line! ("Your Majesty..." or something.)

Blondechick14 couldn't have done anything better to have gotten the part of Cinderella; she just wasn't as close to the directors' sense of the overall "type" they envisioned for the part.

Bantam7 was in the very last, painful group of cuts made. "He sang great, he moved well, he smiled the whole was strictly his age. We just had to comb through that list one more time."

IF we move, there is a sister chapter of our theater group about 45 minutes from Kenosha--doable by most suburbanites' reckonings (sigh)--and we just found out they are actually a county with dwindling numbers, so the competition wouldn't be quite as stiff just to get in to a show!


Next investigation toward a possible move--we are going up there this Sunday afternoon to look at a property for sale, along with some good friends who might join us. There are 4 buildings on this lot: an old Catholic church, a brick three-story-plus-basement school building, a convent (a building with a little chapel and apartment-type bedrooms), and a rectory (a single family home--not sure how many bedrooms).

We looked at this property about a year ago, at the suggestion of our friends who've been asking us to come there, but we really weren't interested. Not only were we not hearing any kind of a call to Kenosha at that time, but we'd been envisioning a beautiful rural setting for the community we'd been dreaming of, and this lot has not even a blade of grass that I recall (maybe a narrow strip between buildings). It's mostly parking lot.

But it could really work for a L'Abri-type community of families, singles, students and visitors on retreat. The asking price is not that expensive, compared to land in our area, and since the property has been on that market for a couple of years, we can probably get it for even less. We've even been offered assistance in fund-raising.

So we must go take another look.

Pray for us, please, that we will have ears to hear the Lord's voice, and hearts and minds to discern the Lord's will.


Donna Boucher said...

Just prayed for you :o)

Stay warm!

I like the L'Abri idea!

Donna Boucher said...

It's good to know the inside details of the audition.

Man. It's a hard knock life for actors!

Islandsparrow said...

Praying for you - it's a big decision - may the Lord give you clear direction and peace.

Anonymous said...


Jen in Seattle