Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Readers Who Attend Our Church,

I realized last night that I probably should ask you all not to broadcast the news that we might possibly be leaving our church. Of course, we're nowhere near knowing if this will even work out, and we'd really hate to cause any unneccessary feelings of instability at the church. Also, when the time is right, we'd like that announcement to come from the top, with the full support of our senior pastor and vestry--not as a grass-roots rumbling that the church leadership just confirms.

Many of you are our good friends and we completely trust you with the information I have shared. We know that you will pray for us as we discern and try to follow the Lord's direction. But we'd prefer that our investigations not become common knowledge yet.

Thanks so much for your discretion--and your prayers!


Anonymous said...

No worries. We understand. It sounds like a great opportunity, though. We're semi-interested ourselves.

At A Hen's Pace said...


Glad to hear of your semi-interest! Putting together a team would be one of our next steps, if we do this.