Friday, December 01, 2006

What a Surprise!

It's my Friday to homeschool my friend's six children as well as my own--and today, we've been practicing everyone's auditions as well (since tonight is the Big Night, remember). The two babies are napping, and I just let the older kids have the rest of the day off, because we got some major SNOW last night! (It was the noisiest snowfall I've ever heard--it sounded like gravel hitting our roof. It must have been very wet.)

So they're all outside, the lunch dishes are done and I'm waiting on a load of laundry to dry (so that I remember to hang up Bantam11's shirt for tonight). I just sat down at the computer to see who might have visited me here in the past day or so. To my surprise and growing excitement, I found several visitors had come over from this site today--the day Christian Women Online was going to announce the finalists for the Sweet Scent blog awards...

And I'm a finalist! One of three, in the category called "Best Home School Award--Makes homeschooling something to be desired." I am so tickled! Thank you so much to all those who took the time to nominate me--there had to be a number of you. It is so encouraging to me!

So next comes a voting period, between now and December 15. Just email your vote(s) to You are not required to vote in every category, but it's a good opportunity to check out some great Christian women's blogs!

In fact, one of the other finalists in the Home School category, Home is Where You Start From, is my friend Jenny in CA, who has been one of my most encouraging commenters. I will be as thrilled if she wins this award as I imagine I will be if I do! And Lindsey at Enjoy the Journey is, I am just realizing, the same lady who set up a site called Advent for Evangelicals, which I was going to recommend in another post on Advent. Both her sites look great.

The kids are back inside drying off, Bantam11's shirt is done, and it is time to get ready to leave for auditions.

Thanks again, everyone!


RANDI said...

It sounds like you have a little schoolhouse over there! ;)

Congrats on your nomination, it is certainly well deserved!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Hen!

you are perfect for the nomination. I'm looking forward to surfing around and visiting some of the blogs nominated that I don't know.

blessings, and congratulations too, to Blondechick for the call back!!

Jenny in Ca

eph2810 said...

Congrats on the nomination and the final round.

Blessings on your day and always..

Anonymous said...

Oh wow congratulations! Your nominators and voters have such excellent taste...this is always such a lovely blog : )

Donna Boucher said...

Congratulations on your nomination!!!