Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bear With Me

I accidentally deleted half my template this morning. Actually, old Blogger crashed while I was in the middle of saving changes to my template.

Hopefully the new Blogger will treat me better! I've heard it's a nicer monster.

I could not find an old, saved version of my template. So I'm back to Square One for a few days.

It's very stupid not to MAKE SURE you have a backup of your template.

I'm just relieved to see my posts all survived the transfer.

Who remembers this look?


Randi said...

Me! I remember this template!

I hope you are feeling a little better!

Jennifer said...

oh Hen, I am so sorry this happened!
I actually did not have a saved copy of my template until this evening...when I finally made the switch to new blogger. I was so afraid I would lose everything.

I think we switched on the same day...does that make us twins or something?

I hope you get everything figured out.

Jenny in Ca

Kathryn said...

I came over in the middle of your crash... the same thing happened to me last summer. I didn't know that blogger had saved all my old posts though - I immediately shifted to squarespace. Then I went back to blogger just to tell everyone where I was and lo and behold all my old posts showed up in the new template...

I'm happy with squarespace - you have to pay but I never have to hang around waiting for pictures to upload.

This was my original template too. Hope you enjoy the new blogger.

and I hope your poor foot is feeling better.