Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Click here to see incredible 4D pictures of twins, triplets and quadruplets in the womb. When you arrive, click the link that says "Gallery: See the stunning 4D scans."

This was timely for me, having just finished The Thirteenth Tale! Don't miss these pictures if you've read it or plan to.

From the accompanying article:

New 4D scans reveal how twins and triplets bond before birth...A twin kisses the cheek of her sister. Such affection, believed to help foetuses develop, may be mirrored in how the twins interact once they are born.

For the first time, it has also been possible to see detailed pictures of 'vanishing twin syndrome' - where a foetus dies and is re-absorbed into the womb, often in the early stages of pregnancy.


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I finished having my babies right before the 4D thing came available. It is magnificent!

Anonymous said...

My niece just found out that she is pregnant with twins...I hope that they do these. Her husband has set up a blog for all of us to keep track.