Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Our Man in Washington...

Our friend Peter Roskam is hard at work in Congress; here's a C-Span clip to prove it.

Peter has such a great way of telling anecdotes to make his points. In this clip, he's speaking in support of some sort of a resolution to honor veterans, by telling how the parents of a fallen WW2 soldier chose to honor their son by giving his life insurance payout to another young man, Peter's father and a veteran of WW2, to rescue him from adverse circumstances, and how that affected Peter's life 17 years before he was even born. It's a short clip--go watch it!

He's gonna go far.

Lord, protect him and his family; give him grace and wisdom and favor. Amen.

UPDATE: I have closed the comments on this post, because Peter is a personal friend of mine and of many of the readers of this blog, and his outstanding character is well-known to all of us. I shared this clip because I knew his friends would appreciate seeing it. It is not a purpose of this blog to engage in political debate.