Friday, January 19, 2007

A Slow Recovery

Since inquiring minds want to know...

My foot is healing, more slowly than I'd hoped. But the swelling is coming down and it's much less painful. I've been able to hobble around on it a little bit, but after about 5 minutes on my feet, it starts to throb and swell. So I'm being a good girl and keeping it elevated and iced. It helps me to think that the more I lay around and elevate it now, the more I won't have to later.

We've been receiving meals through our church's "Loaves and Dishes" ministry, so we've been eating very well. (Blondechick14 did a nice job for that first week, but it was time for some relief for her.) Grandma and Grandpa have picked up groceries, and friends have helped get my kids everywhere they need to go. They've have had my little ones over to give the big kids a break, or taken them all to give me a break. (I am so thankful for you all!!!)

We're quite behind on laundry,'s getting there. The house is a wreck, but it helped to make up my mind that we can just live in squalor for a week or two. The kids don't seem to mind, so--why fight it?

Papa Rooster doesn't mind, either, because he's not here. He left yesterday for the AMIA Winter Conference in Jacksonville, FL, which I was supposed to attend, also. (sniff, sniff) He'll be home for under 24 hours before leaving again on a work trip. So I'm single-parenting, from bed, for the next week! Fortunately, I have great kids. It will be fine.

I do venture downstairs a couple times a day and make sure the important chores are getting done. And I drove myself the whole mile to my doctor's office yesterday. Even wearing my big boxy surgical boot on my right foot, I was able to accelerate and brake with no problem, except for the discomfort of having my foot down, rather than elevated.

My biggest concern at the moment is my stomach, which has become very irritated from all the Motrin I've been taking for the swelling. So I'm stopping the Motrin to let my stomach lining heal. (Because the last thing I need now is an ulcer, dontcha think? And I'm a little worried that that's what I have....)

So what have I been doing with all my down time? Well, I'm almost done labelling all my old posts. I've been setting up my personal email on my laptop, which I've wanted to do for ages. We recently switched to a new host, and now I'm laboriously recreating my address book from an Excel document.

I've been calling and emailing friends about buying tickets to Cinderella, the musical our kids are in. Rehearsals are back in full swing for that, and opening night is three weeks away! I'm SO glad that one of the other moms agreed to chair the Makeup Committee this time. All I have to do this time is show up at the first dress rehearsal.

And I've been reading--to myself, to Chicklet4, to the Bantams. The boys and I, as of yesterday, are exactly where we're supposed to be in our Sonlight read-aloud! (I note this, because it's the first time since Day 4 that this happy conjunction has occurred.)

Which reminds me...I AM working on some homeschooling posts, too. I promise. Maybe next time?


5KidMom said...

So glad to hear the healing is coming along. Down time can be hard, but we tend to grow and stretch so much more in the "waiting" times of life than we do in the "busy" times. The appreciation you have gained for your kids and their capabilities is wonderful. Not too many people would willingly (well, mostly anyway) take on single parenting for a week FROM BED! That is awesome!!

maria said...

I can't believe you are so cheerful! I would be so frustrated!! You are a saint - and neat houses (esp at a time like this) are overrated, anyway.

For your stomach: I have had LOTS of stomach problems over the last four years, mostly lining problems, and have found that a combination of probiotics (powder form, refrigerated, taken with juice) and yogurt help tremendously to heal problems. Might be worth a try, if you can get someone to get the right stuff for you. Pill form doesn't work as well, b'c you need the probiotcs to hit your tummy and not lower down when the capsule disolves.

ps. I tagged you, but don't worry about it if its too much at the moment. :)

At A Hen's Pace said...

Mary--Thank you for the suggestion!!

I was just trying to figure out what to eat. Yogurt hit me just right. I'll look into the probiotics too, if this lasts. I'm feeling much better today--just skipping the meds, my coffee, the spaghetti sauce and fruit I've been gnoshing on for lunches--all acidic--has helped tremendously. (Except I sure do miss the coffee!)

I've been setting up Bloglines and saw you had some new posts...I'll be over soon to see what this tag is about!