Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Do Large Families Drive?

Okay, family and friends who think WE drive a large vehicle...

Check out this family's 1997 stretch Suburban limo! They got it after it was retired from airport shuttle duty at 200k miles. It has 8 doors, one on each side of the four rows of 3-passenger bench seats, and a huge cargo area in the back. It's around 26' long and takes up two consecutive parking spaces! They only drive it on occasions when they need room for others, as their family of seven can normally fit in a Sienna minivan.

This bad boy makes our white 2003 Chevy Express 15-passenger van look...short. And kinda... humble. She might have to tiptoe out of the way in embarassment, if they ever met up!

Yes, she's a she. Her name is Minnie--pun intended. Our '94 Plymouth Grand Voyager is a boy, named Vinnie--Vinnie the (mini)van--get it? I mostly drive Vinnie, and we only take Minnie when our whole family is going somewhere together. Papa Rooster drives a '98 Ford Taurus Wagon, which, in a pinch, can hold us all, since it has 8 seatbelts (2 benches and a two-seater bucket in back). The Taurus never really got a name that stuck though.

For the whole thread on what big families drive, visit Danielle Bean.)


Anonymous said...

That was fun!! I also enjoyed Danielle's website and have bookmarked it. thaks!

A Voice said...

I knew I liked your family! It takes a certain.. flavor of family to name cars. :) We have Blue Dot, the '93 Ford Metro, and Ally, the '99 Olds Alero