Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank You!!

Thank you so much to whoever nominated me for the Share the Love Blog Awards!! It is truly an encouragement to receive a nomination.

I was nominated in the "Woman Power!: Best Representative of Women" category. I honestly think it's a confusing category (what does it mean?), but I am delighted that someone out there, presumably female, feels that I am a good representative of our fair sex. I find that reassuring. Affirming, even.

Voting instructions are here. This round of voting--to narrow the nominations down to five in each category--ends at midnight on Tuesday (Feb. 6).

Again, thank you!!


Sissy B. said...

Isn't funny how we have learned to have negative reactions when we here the phrase "Woman Power"...sounds very least that was my first thought when I read the category. However, I believe that those in this category are women who portray the blessings and the struggles (realistically)of being a woman in this difficult 21st century in such a way that they provide much inspiration and encouragement to other women...this is so the category you should be in!!!! Well deserved!!

At A Hen's Pace said...


What a great way of framing it! Thank you for the beautiful compliment, and congratulations on your well-deserved nominations too!


Jennifer said...

Yes, Congrats! I just think it means you (we) are a good representation of what a woman should or could be today, and I think that's a high honor!