Friday, March 02, 2007

Church Plant Update and How You Can Help

So, what is going on with that church plant and/or community we've been praying about, you may be wondering?

Well, as you may recall, our friends have been confirming our sense of God at work in the church plant that is getting started in Kenosha, WI. (We're going up there again on Sunday.) Besides the church plant, we also have a vision for an intentional community of prayer and labor, but for now, we're not sure how that will be fleshed out. A community needs a central meeting place for daily worship together, and we hope to all live in geographical proximity to that place. We thought we had a property, but we've discerned, with the counsel of many advisers, that it wasn't the place the Lord has for us.

The church plant, however, is meeting in a beautiful place on Sunday mornings. It used to be an Episcopalian boys' school and is now owned by the park district of Kenosha. It's right on Lake Michigan, with a lovely chapel where many weddings are held. We're renting some smaller--but equally lovely--rooms for now, but the larger chapel is available to us as we grow.

I'm saying "we" because we are feeling more and more committed to this church plant. But we are all in a period of discernment and listening during Lent. We need to be sure God is calling Papa Rooster to lead this church, and the core team there in Kenosha needs to be sure that they want him to lead it. It seems we all are in agreement on these points, but it also seems right, during Lent, to be waiting and listening, rather than setting things in motion just yet.

If our involvement and leadership is confirmed, we'll be thinking about the timing of a move up there, as well as where to buy a home. Will we look at some more properties to be the church/community home, which we'll build on or buy nearby? Or will we just buy a house somewhere and continue the church in the rented space, waiting, for now, on the intentional community? Or will the Lord lead us to some arrangement in between? Perhaps we can live or rent nearby the rented space we have. All matters for prayer, if you're so led!

And while prayer is greatest gift you can give us, there is one other way that we'd appreciate your support. I've signed up to be an Amazon Associate--you can see the link in my sidebar. If you ever order anything from Amazon, please remember to enter Amazon's site by clicking on that link (bookmark it now!), and they will give me a small percentage back for every order that originates here at my site. Anything that I get from them will go into the bank account of Light of Christ Church, which hopefully, eventually will begin to pay Papa Rooster a salary.

And if it seems like the timing is a little weird for this--since I just said, basically, that we're mostly sure of all this but not quite--it's because I set this Amazon thing up several weeks ago, when I was still sitting around a lot because of my foot (much better now, thanks). But they just contacted me to politely say that nobody had ordered from my site yet, and what is going on, please?

So. Somebody please think of something you've been meaning to order online and see if Amazon has it! Did you know that you can get just about anything through Amazon--even diapers? I used to disdain online ordering because I hated paying for shipping, but on bigger items, I've discovered, shipping is often free, and on smaller items like books, considering the cost of a gallon of gas these days, it's sometimes worth a buck extra for my time, don't you think?

I recently checked Consumer Reports for their recommendation on blenders, and I decided on a highly-rated but affordable blender that would be $50 at most stores, CR said. Through Amazon, it was $35, with free shipping! (Smoothies, here we come!) Such a deal. Now if only my family's Amazon orders counted...but alas, not.

Scout's honor--my Amazon dollars will go to the church plant, and not to support Papa Rooster's book-buying habit. So somebody go order something, 'kay? Or click on the link now, and make a bookmark for future reference.

Thanks so much who are so inclined!!


Randi said...

I wish I knew this a couple of days ago when I placed an order, but i will keep you in mind for the future!

Renee said...

I am SO excited about finding your blog (via enjoying the journey~which I also just found today, but can't remember how;) We are also Anglican, and I have not found any homeschooling Anglicans yet. I do have many dear Roman Catholic friends, but you know, we just can't share in that Reformation thing...;) Anyways, I am excited to read up. I am a pretty new blogger, but have enjoyed them for years. We recently moved to MI where there were NO conservative litugical churches here 3 1/2 years ago (we looked for a really really long time), we are finally about to make a move to a new AMiA church (we are confirmed RECer's from MD)that finally found a Priest that we love. Ok, I will stop the onslaught on your comments. I am just so excited I can't stop;) Can't wait to get to know you!


At A Hen's Pace said...


I am excited to "meet" you too! We conservative Anglican homeschoolers are a rare breed, aren't we?

We're part of AMIA too, and the church plant is AMIA as well. Though it SOUNDS like AMIA and a lot of these other similar groups may be getting together?? We're all having a big meeting here in Chicago in a few weeks and we'll see what comes of it!

What's your blog URL? How old are your kids?


Renee said...

Hi Jeanne! I just posted a comment and it got lost in cyber space somewhere;) My URL is www.
Our children's ages are DS10, DS6, DD4 & DD2. We have been homeschooling pretty much from the beginning (and we are still in the *beginning* in many aspects;). We use Amblesideonline & Charlotte Mason philosophy.

Our new Priest just got received into the AMiA in Florida. (Fr. Jack Lumanog) He has a CEC background and it the first rector of this new church in the area. We are very excited! We have been waiting for an Anglican church around here for almost 4 years. My father is an REC priest in MD.

so who is meeting in Chicago? How far are you from there? Its only about 3 hours away for us. We are in Mid-Michigan.

Well, this is very exciting for me;) Hope you don't mind if I add you on my page. I don't want to lose your site;)

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Jenny in Ca said...

Hen, I will be thinking of you all, and praying for you. I love the idea of a Christian community living, working, worshiping, praying- together.

I just ordered from amazon last week, I'm so sad I didn't order thru you. My next order I will come here.