Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Kite Runner

I had a vague idea that this story, set in war-torn Afghanistan, was something of a political book, so I was not initially drawn to read it. But so many bloggers and real-life friends recommended it, that I finally jotted down the title and picked it up at the library just before our recent getaway to Florida. Then, to my own amazement, I could hardly put it down to join Papa Rooster in the pool at our resort!

The Kite Runner, though set in pre- and post-war Afghanistan, is not at all what I would call a political book. Its cultural setting is essential to the plot, but it is, above all, a good story.

It is not an easy story. It is one of those tales that makes you question: Would I have been any stronger, any better? Poor choices are made, with devastating consequences--yet redemption is within the storyteller's grasp. The story is a tragedy; but the narrator succeeds in making a peace with his past.

The writing and the story are heartbreakingly beautiful. This one will stick with me a long time.

Note: There is shocking immorality, essential to the plot, portrayed in a couple of scenes. It is not glorified--it is chilling. But you may want to be aware. (I wouldn't give this to one of my teens yet.)

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Randi said...

I have considering this on for a while and your review has me thinking that i need to check the library today! Thanks!

G's Cottage said...

This was already on my "to read" list; I have moved it up several notches. Thanks

Wendy said...

This one is in my stacks waiting to be read! Thanks for the review.

Jennifer said...

I thought exactly the same thing!! Also, I don't always like to read some book just because it's "hot." However, my mind has also been changed by a few bloggers whom I respected in the last few months, so I will definitely read it, but not until this summer probably.

Heather (Sand Sea and School) said...

Jotting it down too! Thanks for sharing :)