Thursday, March 29, 2007

What They Pick Up....

I keep forgetting to post this, but when I got home from Florida, Bantam2 had learned a new word. (The kids all swear that nobody intentionally taught him this.)

He was fussing for something at breakfast and I was guessing what he wanted. "Oh, do you want an egg?" I finally asked. "YEAH," he answered with great satisfaction. Then, to my surprise, he added, "[W]OO-HOO!"

Now, anytime he's happy or excited about something, his eyes start to sparkle, his feet do a little quick-step, and he blurts out, "OO-HOO!"


G's Cottage said...

ROFL! Definition of a two year old: human sponge.

Jenny in Ca said...

that's so cute! hey- it wasn't "yo querro taco bell"...(I mangled the spelling, I am sure) when my first born was 2, she started saying this. I was puzzled, because we don't watch t.v. I decided I miss-heard and that couldn't be what she was saying. A few months later I found out her grandmother had taught it to her for fun. Gave me a good laugh.