Friday, April 20, 2007


As far as I can tell,
We all did well.

We'll hear from the directors of Narnia on Saturday night at the earliest, or Sunday afternoon. Right now, I'm off to quickly pack for the women's overnight retreat. Then this afternoon I'm working at a used curriculum sale where I hope to sell NINE boxes of curriculum and children's books--and find ALL the books I need for next year!

Then an hour's drive north to the retreat; and tomorrow, when it's over, I'm driving on to Kenosha to look at two promising houses in the ideal neighborhood, that our realtor friends have pre-viewed and recommended we see. (Pray that I'll know the right house, if it's one of these two.) They both sound great in different ways.

We're thinking we may go ahead and buy something up there on a bridge loan, so that our friend, who does renovations, can get in there and add the additional bedroom or bathroom or whatever we'll need, before we move in.

See ya on Sunday!


Erin said...

Can't wait to hear the results!

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

Have a blessed weekend and Lord's Day, Jeanne... and how we anticipate all that God will work through you as you join Him in this church plant!! Press on towards the High Calling!