Friday, May 25, 2007

Teenage Boys--and Makeup?

It's nice to know that you'll be missed--for your makeup skills--by teenage boys!

During Seussical, Bantam12 told me he was in the boys' dressing room with two 14-year-old boys in the cast, and one said to him, "I can't believe you're moving! You guys can't go!"

"Oh, you just care about Blondechick14," he replied.

"No--I mean your whole family!" one insisted.

"Yeah, who's going to help me with my makeup if your mom's not here?" the other demanded.

"Oh man, my makeup will be in the pit of despair!" the first one exclaimed.

It was such a kick to hear this. While my makeup co-chair enjoys concentrating on one or two kids with very complicated makeup designs--like the Sour Kangaroo in the last post--I like to personally check as many of the 80+ member cast as I can, to make sure even the smallest Who looks their best. The little kids' moms usually do a good job on them, and most of the teenage girls are as capable as I am, but the ones who inevitably need the most help are the teenage boys.

Some of them are not fully convinced that they NEED makeup; some of them just hate letting anyone touch their face or hair. Some of them know that they need help, but they'll go onstage half-done unless you track them down and offer, or in some cases, insist upon it.

Though they always thank me, I figured I was just a necessary nuisance in their lives. So it was nice to hear that they really do appreciate my efforts--and will even miss them!

For more thoughts on the teenage years, Tonia has a great "in process" post on parenting teens up here. Don't miss the wisdom in the comments!

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Islandsparrow said...

Although it was not for a play I have applied concealer to certain teenage boy faces - annoying facial blemishes have a tendency to appear when grad pictures are due. It was always appreciated. As long as I didn't tell anyone :)