Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend Plans and a Housing Update

Busy weekend ahead--the final three shows of Seussical are tonight, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. There's an informal cast party Saturday night, and the official Strike Party on Sunday evening, where we recognize everyone's hard work. It's hard to believe this incredible show--the best thing we've ever done!--is almost over. And that it's our last one with this amazing group of people. We will miss them so much. The kids and I have been feeling emotional all week.

So it seemed like kind of a God-thing when we got an email saying they were moving the Strike Party to later on Sunday afternoon, so that the cast of Seussical would be free to go see the productions of other of our sister counties'. Lo and behold, one of the counties with a Sunday afternoon matinee is Lake, where we'll join up in the fall, if we get moved and settled in in time. So we're going to go to church in Kenosha, see a couple more houses there, and then stop in Zion for Lake County's production of Peter Pan. I think it'll help us all to see some real people from there, to realize that yes, there are other girls/boys my age there, and that we WILL enjoy making some new friends there.

As for the promised housing update--we're going to look at two houses we've looked at before, and hopefully make a decision? One of them has an offer on it already, so we're not really sure if it's an option. But it may be the better choice if we can figure out a way to make a more attractive offer.

As for selling our current house, we've had about 4-5 calls a week about it since we stuck our sign out front--not bad, I think, for such limited advertising. No one has called back yet, but that's okay--we're really not ready to show it yet! Our friend is coming to paint next week, so we're trying to do what we can to get ready for him. It's been a slow process, it seems.

So once it's really ready to show, I think we'll do an email blitz and put up flyers at all the local grocery stores. If it doesn't sell within a few weeks, then we'll probably list it with our realtor friend from church. I'm not too worried about selling it, even in a soft market; it's a great, middle-priced house in a great neighborhood.

So off I go to sort, pack, pitch, organize and generally move stuff around. The kiddos are all at my sainted friends' house for a couple more hours!


Jennifer said...

Its wonderful to hear that things are moving along. I'm so excited for you!

Jen in Seattle

Anonymous said...

What is the umbrella organization for these great productions in multiple counties?

At A Hen's Pace said...


I don't usually use the name, but it's so easy to figure out by Googling that I'll tell you: Christian Youth Theater, or CYT. It started in CA in the 80's--our Chicago area director was a CYT kid himself. We feel so blessed to be in an area where this kind of Christian theater program is available!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! They are starting to explore opening a second one here in our area-- on our side of town. We're eager to get involved.
Blessings in the moving explorations.