Monday, July 09, 2007

Field of Flowers

Bear him as a fallen hero,
With solemn honor and dignity,
But bear him to a greening meadow,
Let Spring itself be his eulogy.

For spring means rebirth,
Though each flower dies,
The seeds fall to earth,
Take root, and rise,
So lay him in a field of flowers--
And flowers will bloom where he lies.

This lovely duet was another high point for me. Blondechick practiced diligently to get the lovely harmonies down cold, and everyone commented on how the girls' voices blended so beautifully, like true sisters. (--Which they practically have been for many years, so this was a special scene for them. They even share the same birthday, three years apart.)

Chicklet4 is the youngest member of the cast. She's a beat or more behind the other ballerinas most of the time, but somehow that's quite charming in the littlest one onstage. I wondered how she would do in front of an audience: she didn't bat an eyelash!

(I think the last photo could make a reappearance at a rehearsal dinner some day MANY years in the future, with the title "Over Dad's Dead Body.")

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Linds said...

It must have been a real triumph if the photos are anything to go by. Well done!