Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hot and Bothered

Faced with evidence of Father Christmas' arrival and rumors that "Aslan is on the move," the White Witch (our voice teacher, who is fabulous) loses her cool in this blues-y number:

I am NOT
hot and bothered;
I am NOT in a sweat.
To be quite precise
I'm as cool as ice;

I'm as relaxed as I can get.

I am NOT
in a dither;
I am NOT
all at sea.
If you heard that somebody blew their top
I can guarantee it wasn't me.

These lurid rumors
are very dire,
Like an infection
that taints the blood.
And they can flare up
like wildfire--
I won't have them, I detest them

Those who spread them, I arrest them,

For the safety of the realm demands

There's no trace of a fever,

There's no knocking of the knees.

'Cause my Farenheit is exactly right

At a perfect thirty-two degrees.

My son, the Dwarf, with the beard, above, sings--or growls musically--along at the end:

No, hot and bothered is what you're not
Not the teeniest, tiniest jot.

Your heart ain't racin' and your nerves ain't shot

As far as we can see.

No, she's not hot and bothered-- Not she!
Friday night, I was standing next to a director when someone who obviously knew the show--but not me--came up to her to say, "That is the best Dwarf I've ever seen in that role!"

(If I didn't say it, then it's not boasting, is it?)
Here's a good shot of his one interaction with his dad:

"What is your message, Son of Earth?"

"Her highness desires safe conduct. You'll be interested in what she has to say."

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