Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Linkage to Love

Well, it was a busy day getting ready for a realtor to come around dinnertime. It's been so long since we've prepared for a showing that we had a lot of deep straightening-up to do, and the cleaning service hasn't been here in two weeks. (They're scheduled to come tomorrow--of course.) At least we knew about this showing--unlike the surprise one on Sunday morning, while we were at church!

So I thought I would introduce a couple of online folks that I know in real-life.

The first is my sister-in-law in Florida, who says I inspired her to start blogging! What a great compliment. Since she is the newest of my three sisters-in-law (she is married to one of my two brothers, but my brother-in-law's wife is also my sister-in-law, right?), it's been great to get to know her better through her writing. She has such an earnest, humble, devoted heart. Her blog is called Striving Toward Divine Love, and she adds, "'Striving' not to get divine love - I already have it through Jesus Christ my Saviour. I'm striving to give it -- to my family, to my friends, to strangers and even to enemies." What a Christ-like goal!

I am so eager to meet up with her, Pilot Brother and my two nieces--I haven't even met the younger one yet--at my parents' home in Ohio in August. There are pictures of them all in her sidebar, and as a proud aunt/sister/in-law, I urge you to go and have a look. While you're there, leave her a welcoming comment! (And maybe you moms can help her with this question. Though we've all been there, I have no experience, alas, with staying there, blessed with fortunate genes as I have been. --No name-calling or rotten fruit-throwing allowed!)

Secondly, an entirely different crowd may be interested to know that Randy York has a great website! How this information escaped my knowledge until recently is beyond me, as Randy and his family are dear friends of ours. Randy, in his spare time, is a gifted singer, songwriter and worship leader. (I especially love his song, "Sweet Rain.")

Following my recap of our day at Wheaton College, it seems appropriate to point the handful of alums who read this blog to this page on his site, which contains lots of memories and "inside jokes" on our favorite college town. Naturally you Wheaton area residents will be interested as well. Oh, and be sure to sign his guestbook!


Linds said...

I popped over to visit, and she is a delight! And did I ever mention how irritating thin people are??? Huh? Huh? Oh yes, I can certainly give advice, being genetically flawed enough to have to wage constant battles!!! (Please know I am kidding here, J!)Envy is a sin, Linds, Envy is a sin, repeat after me 100 times........ Now go and eat some chocolate.

G's Cottage said...

I popped over. I think the big word she couldn't remember would be hyperlipidemia. And no, diet and exercise don't control it. That said, I was concerned that she stated she had been on the gym regimen for 4 weeks and lost only 5 pounds, when really that is actually very fast.

Anonymous said...

Hi J (and everyone else):
Thanks for visiting and sending people my way. Don't worry g's cottage -- in that same 4 weeks, I discontinued nursing my second child since I'm starting to take medication. So, I'm sure the weight loss is actually from no nursing and unfortunately, not from working out! Please pop over again -- not all of my posts are that shallow in nature . . . I promise!
Sis in law in FL

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I had to re-read for a sec. I thought you said she was married to TWO of your brothers! :) LOL

We had a house showing surprise too. Last Saturday we had 2 showings, one at 11 am and one at noon. The noon showing came at 11:30, while the first appt was here. The first appt realtor asked NICELY to have them wait outside while they finished up. The noon realtor got angry and they ended up in a catfight!

I kid you not! :)