Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Linkage to Love

Okay, thanks to Donna at Quiet Life (and her commenters), I am hooked on a new blog. Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is absolutely hilarious and a dad-gum fine photographer too. You all MUST go have a good laugh at these photos of cows' faces as a vet inserts his arm up theirs to see if they are pregnant or not. (Be sure and click on her first link to last year's photos of preg-testing to give more knee-slappin' context to the photos in the current post!)

I guess I should mention that Ree and her family are cattle ranchers who also homeschool their four punks (her words, not mine). That makes them honest-to-goodness cowboys and -girls! She also has a food blog, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, that looks good enough to eat and simple enough for avoidant cooking types like myself.

With step-by-step photos, of course. Didn't I mention she's a great photographer? Anyone with an interest in photography will be amazed this post where she reveals her deepest secret--Photoshop! You won't believe the before-and-after difference. I'm gonna have to start experimenting more with the Mac tools we have.


On a more serious note, Antique Mommy has some most encouraging words for moms who struggle with anger. (But not too serious...comedy is her strong point!) As a mom who's been there...continues to visit there...too often...I needed that shot of grace. Maybe you do too?


And last but not least, my sister-in-law Summer, at Striving Towards Divine Love, just finished telling the 4-part story of how she and my brother met. Bless the Lord for bringing them together! We had about given up on him.


Summer in FL said...

I saw the cows the other day - just wandering through bloggityville. Funny, huh!

Dana said...

Thanks for the cool new blogs. I enjoyed checking them out!

Donna Boucher said...

Isn't Ree's blog amazing!
She is the Queen of Blogville.
She has only been blogging a little over a year and she has 10,000 visitors a day!


She has had her camera less than two years.

Talented to the moon and back!

Jenny in Ca said...

I love Ree's blog too, it's a gem. I've been bothering hubby that I want a better camera like Ree, so that I can take phots like Ree. I haven't seen the cow series yet, I will have to scoot on over there. Have you checked out her Marborol man's sandwich??