Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where Metaphors Break Down

So. Awhile back, Megan at Fried Okra and Lainey at Blog in My Eye figured out that we all live within a 50-minute radius of each other. (Like I told you before, here in Chicagoland, it's all about minutes, not miles.)

We agreed that a get-together was in order. After much conference with the spousal units, a date was set. Lainey cleverly suggested that "the Hen" come to "roost" at a little cafe with a similar type of barnyard name, so the place was decided on as much for its name as for its midpoint location, I think. (I wanted to take a picture of the sign, but forgot my camera, of course--then thought better of it anyway. We all have our anonymity we're trying to maintain!)

And so the Big Night occurred--last night! It was such fun to meet these two in real life. Lainey is so cute and sweet and insightful, and Megan is sharp as a tack and as pretty as her picture--without the hat and sunglasses of course. They go WAAAAY back; like, they were college roommates. (They were both English majors, which surely accounts for the quality of their writing!) They both got the blogging bug in the past year, and we had a good time trading bloggy observations as well as all the getting-to-know-you basics about kids and husbands and cameras. (Though we hadn't a camera among us. And we call ourselves bloggers....)

So I thought we got on like hens in a barnyard, but here's where the metaphor breaks down: Megan said today that I reminded her more of a dove than a hen--and other complimentary things. (Told you she was smart!)

Though I certainly seem to get things done at a hen's pace, it's not really that I overly identify with chickens....

UPDATED TO ADD: Here's Lainey's account of our meeting. She's overly complimentary!!


elaine@bloginmyeye said...

You were so pleasant to be with. You didn't even try to peck at my 'zurt. Let's do it again soon, -lainey

At A Hen's Pace said...


Ah-ha. How'd I miss that one!?

You're on.


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

What nice descriptions! And I have to agree that I did picture more of a substantial hen type. Good to know that truth (especially when it's so complimentary).