Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tornado Safety: TMI?

*TMI=Too Much Information

Bantams 12 & 8 and I were studying tornadoes and tornado safety in Science. I told them about the terrible one in Xenia, Ohio--not far from where I grew up--that occurred when I was in third grade. I remember my teacher telling us about a man who was saved because he wrapped his arms around the toilet and hung on for dear life while the rest of his house was carried away by the tornado.

Bantam12's eyes widened and he said to his brother, who had just joined us, "So, Bantam16, let's clean the toilet really good so we don't have to hold on to...pee...if a tornado comes."

"But don't wax it!" Bantam8 advised.


Later, we were figuring out which part of the basement (where the boys reside) was the southwest corner--the safest place to go if there is a tornado.

"Too bad our bathroom isn't in that corner," Bantam12 remarked. "Then we'd be really safe! But I guess we can't all hold on to the toilet. And [Blondechick14] wouldn't want to anyway."


Islandsparrow said...

Thanks for making me laugh this evening!

Summer in FL said...

Oh - they crack me up. I can just picture it . . .

Amy said...

You just discovered an excellent motivation for them to keep the bathroom sparkling. :)