Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well, I had hoped to post a picture of the program cover for Charlotte's Web, in honor of Opening Night...but don't have the post-able version yet.

While waiting and watching my in-box and catching up on a few friend's blogs, I have a link and a listen for you. My friend Margie Fawcett gave a a 40-minute talk to a Mom's group last week, called For Better, For Worse: Facing Difficulties in Marriage, in which she discusses "the difficulties of learning to love in the midst of tremendous stress." For her and her husband John, it is a battle with cancer. I know you'll be encouraged my her frank, humorous and refreshingly honest message on welcoming God's grace as we mature and grow in difficult circumstances.

You can listen here.

You may also be interested in sermons from Church of the Resurrection, available here. I've heard great things about the last four weeks: Why Your Body Matters, Why There Is a Battle Against the Body, Why Manhood Matters and Why Womanhood Matters. Makes me miss our sending church so much!!!

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