Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Homeschooling Links

Ever wondered what NOT to say to a homeschooler?

This list was compiled by a self-described "secular homeschooler." I have to say that as a Christian, I've never felt cynical about the comments and questions I get when people hear that I homeschool. But I have to admit that sometimes the logical inferences behind the questions are a little insulting. I just don't let myself go there (to the point of being insulted), but if you'd like a little "sensitivity training," check it out!

(HT to Lindsey at Enjoy the Journey.)


And a recent study that's come out lately on homeschooling produced some interesting results. These jumped out at me:

Poorly educated parents who choose to teach their children at home produce better academic results for their children than public schools do...a full 55 percentage points higher....

By Grade 8, the average home schooled student performs four grade levels above the national average.

(HT to Kerry at The Ten O'Clock Scholar.)


Kerry said...

Thank you for the link and Hat tip. :) My little bloggy self just got all excited!

Have a good day!

Brea said...

Wow, thanks for those links. While I could feel the anger seeping off the first link, I did have to laugh at a few of those responses. Especially #'s 11, 16, and 18. :) And I went to the Fraser Institute homepage to find the pdf of that study, and am about to print it out right now. We receive opposition from our family sometimes (usually well meaning, of course ...), and it's nice to have some actual data to back us up.