Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Reading

For a little light Sunday reading, may I recommend my daughter Blondechick14's recent post about a funny incident that happened during one of the performances of Charlotte's Web?

One of the joys of live theater, in my opinion, is actors having to dealing with the unexpected in front of an audience. The audience itself has to make a decision: Do we laugh? Pretend we didn't notice? In this case, the audience chose to be highly entertained by Blondechick's attack of the giggles!

(She was so afraid that the director would be upset at her lapse in professionalism; but when she saw her after the show, the director burst out laughing. She said she and the assistant director had laughed so hard during this incident that they were having trouble staying in their seats!)

And for a real heartwarmer, check out this post by Bantam16 called "A Rare, Happy Moment in Life." I am thankful that my children enjoy each other so much, and this is a really special post by one for whom relationships are difficult.

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