Saturday, December 01, 2007

Good News

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

My friend is going to be released from the hospital tonight. After the testing was completed, she got the great news that the blockage from the blood clot in her brain was not as severe as they thought--something like 50% vs. 70-80%--and the veins in that area were compensating well. The blood clot was responding to blood thinning medication--meaning most likely it will dissolve, and she won't need brain surgery. And best of all, the damage that has occurred in her speech and use of her right hand is probably all reversible with speech and physical therapy.

The best of all imaginable outcomes, don't you think?

Thanks to all you who prayed for her--and for us.

We are so grateful for this good news.

And another piece of good news: We have a new member of Light of Christ Anglican Fellowship, our baby church plant up in Kenosha--a baby born to one of the newer families that have joined us. We're so happy for his safe arrival!

He'll be the second baby we've welcomed since we started the church. It's a time-honored strategy of church growth, y'know....

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